About Me


“Music is my lover

Inseparable we are

We can go from joy to sorrow

In 2 measures or more

But when I want to feel good

Got to give me dancing groove”

When I was nine years old I knew I wanted to make music I just did not know how to make it happen. My life has always been centered around music from grade school to college up to this very day. As a child there was not a day when music was not played in our house, at a young age I learned to appreciate jazz, classical, and R&B. In school I was introduced to opera, gospel, and show tunes. When I discovered “house music” I found my music heaven. I found myself driven to absorb as much as I could. I enjoyed collecting music and making mixed CD’ for my friends. For many years house music has been like a spirit that dwells deep within and makes me want to dance and I like to dance.

Years ago I connected with  Caleb, the creator/founder of the group Muzik Box.  After a collaboration on a song called Change (The Final Show) and being noticed form my dance floor skills I was invited to become a member of the group. Since then along with Caleb we produced a few tracks for the group in which our lead singer Lisa Raquel added additional lyrics. Having a desire to explore I set out to make my dreams come true, since I was very young I’ve said to myself “what if?” “I wish I could” now the what if’s are gone and the wishes to make music have come true. I have the desire to make my contribution to dance music through my soulful house track selections,  my collaborations with Muzik Box and my own productions.

MY STYLE:  My style is up tempo, a good bass line, danceable groove with a catchy hook.

“Don’t look for me in the DJ booth, you’ll find me on the dance floor.”


The mixes – For years I have made house CD for my house loving friends, using the internet is my way of continuing to share with my friends.

The Process –  It takes hours listening to small samples of various tracks(songs)  choosing the ones that  makes me  want to move. Without ever hearing the songs I put them in random order and go for it the result is non-stop music for  when you’re in the mood for House Music.


Original Music – I  am a song writer, arranger, producer and performer with the band Muzik Box, as a member I  contributed vocals, writing and producing many of our songs along with Lisa and Caleb. Eventually I branched out on my own and it been a fun and learning process, and that journey is just beginning.


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